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Powder for oral rinsing solution


Composition: sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Product with no preservatives, pigments, flavoring or fragrance substances.



SODENT when prepared as a solution, is dedicated to rinse oral cavity.


It is especially recommended for:

  • mucositis, which occurs during cancer treatment, after chemotherapy or coexists with leukaemia, HIV-positive patients, xerostomia (reduction in the amount of saliva)
  • prevention and treatment of candidiasis, also after intraoral surgery
  • mucositis, which is a result of injury of oral mucosa
Action description

Powder for oral rinsing solution. Sodium hydrogen carbonate minimizes tooth decay by reducing enamel solubility and increase remineralization of the enamel.
It creates hostile habitat for microbes by saliva pH increase. Sodium hydrogen carbonate neutralizes enamel-damaging acids, moisturizes oral cavity and decreases population of pathogenic bacteria. It offers relief during mucositis and upgrades sense of comfort.

Product handling

SODENT requires former preparation (up to 4% solution). To achieve that, pour 100 ml of fresh, once boiled and cooled down water into a bottle containing preparation in the form of powder (water may be measured off by attached dispenser). Cool down covered-up water, protect from sunlight. After pouring water, secure the bottle with cap and shake it for 1 minute to dissolve the powder into water. Final solution may be stored for 1 month in temperature  below 25ºC (it should be used by this time completely).



Using attached dispenser, pour 10 ml of preparation into a glass of water or 5 ml in half of this volume. Then gargle several times for about 1 minute. Repeat a few times a day.

Available packaging

Plastic bottle containing 4 g of the product. Additionally bottle is equipped with dispenser.

Product name
Product name
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