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Preparation for root canal irrigation, it is recommended for rinsing root canals with vital, as well as with non-vital pulp.

  • During reaming action removes vital and non-vital pulp debris.
  • Prevents teeth from discoloration, that may follow as a result of filling unirrigated  root canals.
  • Cleanses root canal, including smear layer removal, in order to denude dentinal tubules before filling root canal system.
Action description

Chloran Plus 3% induces lysis of necrotic and vital tissues, dissolves organic part of a smear layer. It affects central root canal and lateral canals, which are beyond the reach of endodontic instruments. It has cleansing properties and bleaches tooth's hard tissues. Due to Chloran Plus 3% low surface tension, more effective impact on root canal is acquired.

Product handling

Insert Chloran Plus 3% into the root canal using syringe and needle with lateral perforation, by sonic or ultrasonic equipment or endodontic contra-angle handpiece during reaming action.

Do not use directly before/after citric acid, it leads to chlorine exudation. Do not use directly before/after chlorhexidine because brown precipitates appears. Use purified water between  irrigating by any of root canal agents.

Storage conditions

Keep container tightly closed at temperature of  4 - 8oC,  out of the reach of children.

Transport at ambient temperature longer than 7 days  is unacceptable.

Noncompliance of storage conditions threats with damage of package  and a leakage of liquid.

Product name
Product name
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